How We Help

Student working on an college application

CollegeConsult is here to help you navigate the college admissions process with focus and confidence from day one. How will we help you?

Essay Guidance. 

Application essays are the only way most colleges today can learn about who an applicant really is as a person.  Thus they've become a vitally important part of the application. We've found that even top students often have difficulty writing the type of essays that colleges want.  With our strong editorial background, we'll guide you through the process so you can be assured you're presenting yourself in the best light possible.  (What we WON'T do is write it for you!)

How important can application essays be?  Last year we worked with a high school senior who was admitted to a top-tier university when others in her graduating class who were ranked higher than she was were denied admission to that same university.  What she had going for her was one of the best essays we've ever read.

Financial Aid Assistance. 

CSS.  FAFSA.  IDOC.  These are acronyms that will likely become part of your vocabulary as you apply to college.  And you wouldn't be the first student (or parent) to be overwhelmed by the whole aid application labyrinth, and to call us for guidance in tackling it. We steer you in the direction of colleges where you are more likely to get the best financial aid offers.  Even students who have struggled academically can usually get healthy aid packages.  Of course most aid today is 'need-based' but with college 'sticker prices' so high, the definition of 'need' rises dramatically as well.  You'll be surprised!

Don't assume there's no way you can afford expensive colleges; sometimes you can.  Last year we worked through the paper jungle of financial aid with two students who ultimately received need-based aid in the form of scholarships in excess of $40,000 each.

Accessibility and personal attention. 

We limit ourselves to a manageable number of clients at any given time so we can be available to you whenever you need us.  And if you need us between meetings, we want you to feel free to call or e-mail at any time, day or night, with whatever questions or concerns you might have.  (We don't even charge for these if they're not extended conversations!)